The story so far...

We have been busy over the winter creating a new look for your wedding. Getting a vision of what the future holds and the way that we can help you shape new ways that weddings can be ...Click the Picture to see what we have already achieved. Remember don't just look and think 'Thats not for me' or 'I love it' we are looking at a new revolution in table dressing and ceremony design based around YOU!
This is how it works : We have all sorts of trinkets - Wood slices plinths lanterns and tea lights - glass vases - Floral sprays - Ivy - Greenery - Mirrors - Candles & Holders - LED Lights etc. For you to choose from. We then together will see how we can make it all work..
Just let your imagination run free to create a one off masterpiece. Exclusively for you.. One of a kind... as individual as you are...PERFECT!